luni, iunie 21

The beginning

In the silence of my empty mind I can see what's coming for me. Each day pases with all my brightness and the memory of the love that once filled my huge heart fades away leaving nothing behind than stupid memories.
He caught me on my perfect day, filled with nerves and wicked ideas.So he didn't knew what I was going to do, but he knew that when I want something, that something must be mine.
That's how it was when his lips first met mines.
The most gorgeous kiss begun when he pull me closer and stopped dancing around the bush :)) Don't worry, he wasn't dancing around any bush, only if you can call the dancefloor a bush!
What an antagonist I am! I kind of don't care if it's all about love in his beautiful head, I will be just as him in a short time. I know that with every second I spend around his halo of a good& beautiful boy, I will fall, and fall and never stop falling in love.
I think I'v forgot the subject in here, I was telling you about a kiss, that kiss, the first kiss, well, not the first in our case, but the first one without his girlfriend's shadow between us.
I'm a romance lover, I always thought that a kiss could change many things but I'd never realised (maybe I didn't realise that because of that glass of vodka I'v been drinking before I'v met his gaze) that a kiss could make my heart go woooo-ha about him.
There were other boys in my life that kissed better but his lips were so soft and so sweet (I think that was because of the vodka, too) that I just couldn't think about it so much without wanting to kiss him again.


Compunerea a fost scrisa acum un an si ceva, iar primul cititor a fost profesoara mea de lb engleza din acel timp, :X Doamna Daniela Draco, singura profesoara care a fost in acelasi timp si mentorul, si prietenul meu, iar acum vreau sa ii multumesc pentru ca m-a sprijinit si a crezut in mine si atunci si o mai face inca si acum.
Si sa nu uit :D. Scuzati eventualele greseli de ortografie, am dat copy-paste din caiet, ca sa zic asa, fara sa mai procesez ce am scris.