marți, ianuarie 25

Group Story

He was a tall young man with his hair in a dark shade of brunette and with some beautiful deep brown eyes. He was a businessman, a successful one but he hadn't found no one with who to share his moneys because he didn't believe in true love...
She was a pretty small,curly haired girl wearing a white dress patterned with little red flowers, shoes that matched the print, a beautiful hat and some lace gloves. She was brunette too and she had the same deep brown eyes, just a little bit wider than his...
He stepped down from the train and on the silver stone platform, the one looking amazingly good next to the lifeless leafs painted into the autumn colours saw her...
She lifted her chin up and saw him. She felt as if there was no air left for her to breath. Her heart stopped or at least that was what she thought when he approached her...
He didn't say anything, he just kissed her knowing that she's the woman he'll marry...


Story made by Anca,Mary,Darya and Me... And if you didn't knew, the 2 characters are My boyfriend and Me into another dimension... See ya there..

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  1. Si cine mai face asa comuneri dragutze ca si noi? :)):))
    Nebuuuu in orele de engleza ca de obicei :X:X:X
    \:D/ foarte frumoasa :X
    trupa de soc :))

  2. ce romantiiic, mai ca te vedeam pe tine si pe iubi cand citeam :)) :x, miss you sweety!