marți, aprilie 23

The exams Ace

   Do you know that type of people who always get straight A's but still have plenty of time for their hobbies or for going out with friends? For regular students, that's only a dream. But what if I'd tell you their secrets in learning? Now that would be a way to make dreams come true.
 Firstly, start learning with a lot of time ahead the exams. This way you'll feel at rest because the deadline is far away and you'll be able to concentrate better. You can also make a timetable and stick to it.
 Than, after you have started learning, reward yourself for each chapter you've got through. Go out with your friends, watch a good movie or listen to your favourite music. This will help you reduce your stress level. Once you have your mind rest, learning  will go smoother. Still, going out with friends can be a trap, because if you miss sleeping you'll feel tired and you won't be able to focus the next day.
 Another way of lowering your stress level is making physical exercises. You can go in the parc and play something outside (voleyball, soccer, baseball and so on) or just take a walk. This will cool you down and will get you feeling more enthusiastic and eager to finish your learning.
 All in all, if you want to find your confidence and take your exams with the higher grade, follow this advices. You'll study easier and you'll also have fun during the process.

If only I would listen to this advices to

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