joi, februarie 10

Fat Bomb

A young couple are flying to Greece for a holiday. A man in full muslim dress and a long beard gets on the plane and sits next to them. He opens his Qur'an and begins to read...

Mahomed "... so religion is definetely a good reason to die for!"

Eba "Oh my dear husband, we're going to die, I've loved you from the very beginnig and now it's all over."

Sida "What's wrong dear, why are you crying for?"

Eba "Don't you see him, he's got a grenade!"

Sida "Hmmm... that was it... well, you were going to die anyway so what's the point?"

Eba "He removed the nail, he removed the nail!!!"

... the police intervenes and Mahomed says:

Mahomed "What? It's our traditional cookie... want one?"

By Mary, Ancu and "the brain" of the operations, Me!

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  1. Yes, we are the best, clar! :))
    Numai noi putem face minuni, si totodata mai frumoasa ora :D
    si cine rad mereu in ora de engleza cu gura pana la urechi? Bradutzul si cu Romanu :)) :x
    I LOVE YOU, CRAZY! :*:*:* >:d< >:d< >:d< :x:x:x:x